Sunday 10 November 2013

Trametes versicolor
Frog hopper

Geese taking flight
Click Beetle
24 Spot Ladybird
Water Beetle

White goose in snow storm

Camouflaged Toadlet
Nut Weevil


Mirid Bug

Silk-Button Spangle Galls & Spider
Stretch Spider in dew
Araneus quadratus
The Fungus Gnat
Wasp Spider with damselflies
Dor Beetle
Neoscona adianta Spider
anta Spider

Jelly Fungi and Lichen
Tree Slug
An Early Thorn Moth
Harlequin Ladybird Larva

22 Spot Ladybird Larva
Harlequin Ladybird
14 Spot Ladybird

Grasshopper on Ragwort Plantain

Insect Eggs
Damsel Bug
Wasp Spider on dew drenched web
Phantom Cranefly infested with mites
Darkling Beetle
Common Blue
Scorpion Fly


Dragonfly in flight


Spotted Longhorn and Soldier Beetle
Golden Bloomed Grey Longhorn
Male Cross Spider on Ribwort Plantain
Beetle asleep in the dew
Mother of Pearl Moth
Small Copper Butterfly

Red Lily Beetle