Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blood Veined White Caterpillar eating Dock Leaf

Latin name:- Timandra comae

Female Thomisidae, Ozyptila sp.

What creature is it?

Found on nettles

Fly on Gorse Bush

Fly on Dead Leaf

Male and Female Spiders

Luv these Mirid / Capsid bugs

Spider in hiding

Timandra comae ~ Blood Veined White Caterpillar

Measures 40mm approx, found on grass near bramble and gorse bushes

2 x 7 Spot Ladybirds mating

Dock Bug

Juvenile Dark Bush Cricket

Gorse Shield Bug

Caterpillar of the Blood Veined White Moth

Measures 40mm approx, found on a dock leaf near bramble and gorse bushes.
Latin name Timandra comae

Thursday, 5 April 2012