Saturday, 25 August 2012

Female Common Blue Damselfly in early morning dew
Froghopper heavily laden with early morning dew
Notoxus monoceros

Collembola ~ Pogonognathellus longicornis

Pair of Common Blues in early morning dew
Sun Fly
Common Frog
Common Lizard
Parent Bug
Tiger Crane Fly

Tree Damsel Bug ~ Himacerus apterus

Marsh Ground Beetle
Red Admiral Butterfly Caterpillar
Wasp Spider ~ Argiope bruennichi

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Orange Crest Moth Caterpillar

Burying Beetle ~ Silpha atrata

Rove Beetle
4 Band Longhorn Beetle on Nettle
Some Kind of Predatory Bug Nymph with White Fly
Scorpion Fly
Bumble at Foxglove ~ note the two Parasitic Mites on the bee
Ringlet Butterfly
 Tortoise Beetle Larva with protective thatch
 Tortoise Beetle Larva exposed
Mating Adult Tortoise Beetles
Small Skipper
Small Skipper

Mirid Bug Nymph ~ Deraeocoris ruber

Golden Bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle
 Cinnabar Caterpillar
Cinnabar caterpillar
Ruby Tiger Moth Larva
Blue Lacewing
Spotted Longhorn on Cow Parsley
Sawfly Larva